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Angel Catherine Chen

Angel Chen (she/her) is a Chinese-Canadian writer, visual artist, and climate activist from Vancouver, Canada with over 6 years of experience in grassroots climate and animal rights campaigns and coordination.


She is interested in ecopoetry, the politics of slowness and joy, and ecologically informed philosophy and art. Her writing is centred around joy,  conversations with friends, technology and her garden. Her current artistic practice includes ink drawings and abstract paintings of nature. Angel’s research is about the lived experience of friendship,  hope in grassroots movements and living in urban spaces. 

Angel lives in London and is a recent MA philosophy graduate at King's College London. She also holds a BA in Environment and Sustainability from The University of British Colombia. 

Angel is keen to meet writers, artists and new friends, so please get in touch for collaborations and conversations about the world. 


Angel Catherine Chen

b. 1998



Master of Arts, Philosophy

King's College London


Bachelor of Arts, Major in Environment and Sustainability, Geography
University of British Colombia, Vancouver



Academic Commendation
King's College London


Dean's List
University of British Colombia


Hero for Coyotes Award, PETA


Outstanding Activist Award, PETA

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